Fresno Police Consider Outing “Johns” on Facebook

KFSN 30 in Fresno reports that Fresno police chief Jerry Dyer is considering posting the names and photos of people arrested for soliciting prostitution on social networking sites like Facebook in an effort to deter prostitution in Fresno.

At the alleged behest of business owners, Fresno city council member Clint Olivier has asked Fresno Police to crackdown on prostitution Olivier claims is occurring in the city. KFSN 30 reports that in response Chief Dyer is contemplating a return to the Scarlet Letter.

The initiative under consideration is not a new one. St. Paul, Minnesota posts their arrests as does Peoria, Illinois (helpfully broken down by month–see April’s here), and others. It does appear to be a change in course for Fresno, however, because arrestees in Fresno have traditionally been allowed to enter a diversion program that prevents their arrests from leading to actual criminal charges–for a fee, and a class.

Is this how we should do it?

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One Response to “Fresno Police Consider Outing “Johns” on Facebook”

  1. pete pappas Says:

    used to do it in the 70′s in Fresno. had a guy at work listed. the embarrassment is worse than any rehab class, fine, etc.

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